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Merredin Aerodrome

Posted: Wed Jan 3 2018, 09:16
by Gonsky

Re: Merredin Aerodrome

Posted: Sun Jan 7 2018, 03:14
by Bedouin Prince
China Southern have pretty much owned Merredin for decades. Nothing new here. They also employ dozens of aussie pilots as instructors and enough engineers to service the 20 or 30 planes they have at JT and Merredin. Nothing outrageous there. Can be a weird place to fly through because they do all their abinitio there but in this instance it's the chinas pouring money into Australia.
And there are lots of aerodromes where you need permission to land there. The only problem I have is how much Avgas is out there. I have family in Merredin and none of the locals have anything bad to say about it. Chinese spend money in town, they're not to rowdy. Who cares.

Re: Merredin Aerodrome

Posted: Mon Jan 8 2018, 01:48
by rotors99
At least the Chinese won't rape the kids or throw acid in the young Ladies faces etc..... :arrow: