More part 48 rubbish

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hand in pants
4th Dan
4th Dan
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More part 48 rubbish

Postby hand in pants » Tue May 2 2017, 22:42

Great news, caa has appointed a bunch of academics to review the rubbish called fatigue rules.
Two out of five have possibly have some GA experience, the rest are just purely academics with very little or no aviation experience other than riding in the back.
They probably all had a hand in writing the rubbish we have now so they will just earn their money by rubber stamping the garbage we have now.
Another waste of time and money when they should have just done it right in the first place.
Hand in Pants, I'm thinking, my god, that IS huge!!!!!!!!
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1st Dan
1st Dan
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Re: More part 48 rubbish

Postby aaron » Wed May 3 2017, 11:43

Write something in a way, so that nobody can understand it. So when it needs to be changed they have to come back to you. boom job security right there pop;

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