Minister fails to answer questions - Truss again

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Minister fails to answer questions - Truss again

Postby up-into-the-air » Thu Jan 7 2016, 08:10

The following reply has been received by an aviation member after an inquiry to Business Minister Briggs


This was in answer to a detailed question that related to how an aviation business could be run effectively.

The Hon. Jamie Brigg,
Dear Minister,
I have serious doubts as to where your regulator, casa is going and the negative impact on aviation in Australia.
I know, in conversations with the casa Board Chair, Mr. Jeff Boyd that he is being stymied in the Board’s direction to remedy and develop aviation.
The placement of the latest person on the Board has just been announced and I draw your attention to the following issues:
Question is:

How does she stand on the #asrr review?
Is she aware of #casa’s breach of Model Litigant provisions?

The clear problems within #casa that have been exposed in dealings such as:

Quadrio [Details here];
Rudd [FOI Requests];
Barrier Aviation;
Actions of #casa legal – [Inaction in Courts];
#PelAir – [Four Corners Investigation];
#atsb/ #casa MOU;
#icao non-compliances [upwards of 2700 individual] covered by a “…excepection…”;
FAA Auduit;
Polar Aviation;
CAR 232;
Part 61 – [Typical response to a part 61 problem];
and on and on

I would appreciate your early response and support to ensure that the Forsyth ASRR reccomendations are implemented without change and reduce the regulatory costs to aviation.

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