Part 48-1

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Part 48-1

Postby hand in pants » Tue Sep 15 2015, 01:09

Okay, I've finally got around to reading this up-dated Part48-1 instrument 2013. Luckily I don't have a knife or gun handy or I would be bleeding on the floor about now.
Just another over complicated piece of crap from casa. Stuff like this does nothing to improve safety, all it does is make people find ways to cheat a stupid system. Nothing is strait forward, no information is in one place, you get referred to several different places for broken information which leads to confusion, mistakes, missed information and "bugger this, I'll just go ahead and wing it" or "I'll just cheat on my paperwork". So much for casa "developing and promulgating appropriate, clear and concise aviation safety standards". Quote from the Australia's State Aviation Safety Program.

Does anyone know of a flight and duty times computer program that will cut through the crap?? I'm a one pilot operation doing not much, 98% private operations.
Hand in Pants, I'm thinking, my god, that IS huge!!!!!!!!
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Re: Part 48-1

Postby bl@ckers » Tue Sep 15 2015, 01:18


I have created an excel spreadsheet that works for passenger carrage (charter) and aerial work appendices.

It still has room for improvement, but does the job for me. If you PM me your email address, I'll send you a copy.

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Re: Part 48-1

Postby CYHeli » Tue Sep 15 2015, 04:59

I've developed a spreadsheet as well that covers Schedule 6, training. It covers everything including the time off between shifts.
I'm still de bugging it, but pretty happy.
At a recent industry/CASA meeting I found out that Air Meastro and similar companies are almost up to speed with off the shelf products that will meet the new regs.

Having a spreadsheet is one thing, understanding the regs is another.
You have my sympathy.
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Re: Part 48-1

Postby froginasock » Tue Sep 15 2015, 22:51

Note that these regs (unless you are a new operator) will be delayed for implementation for an extra year while CASA tries to debug some still significant issues with it .. such as moving between appendix' where some work has already been done. Expect some more changes, so probably not a great idea to amend ops manuals to comply with something that will have further change!

For those on existing FRMS' - you are in for the biggest problems to try to get your FRMS approved under the new system without significant additional and ongoing paperwork (CP's have become CA's - chief administrators) - I no longer know how they mentor and check their people in an aircraft and actually flying without breaking fatigue due to paperwork .. and lets face it - the actual risks are in the air - CPs have less time to monitor actual ops while they are concentrating on paper compliance.

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