Good way to share your thoughts on CASA

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Good way to share your thoughts on CASA

Postby Bitch Slapper » Sat Aug 1 2015, 03:26

Taken from email received from AFAP. if the link at the very bottom don't work copy and past it?

The AFAP supports the following research and will share any findings with its members.
Aviation is noted for continuous changes to procedures and regulations, and also a constant increase in the layers of complexity which must be learned, comprehended and normalised by pilots on the line.
This short survey looks at the effects of continual change and added complexity on flight safety, and initial data from ?many pilots shows overwhelmingly that ?they are seriously concerned by the number of changes and the continual adding of more layers of complexity that occur. The data from this survey will add statistical power to make the industry sit up and take notice.

15 multi-choice questions, will take just 3-4 minutes and will provide valuable data to establish whether pilots perceive that continuous change and increasing complexity could affect flight safety.

It would be sincerely appreciated if you could complete this very short online survey by clicking on the following link:

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