Responses to Pay and Conditions

What's a job in helicopters pay? Does it pay? Why do you get paid more than me?
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hand in pants
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Re: Responses to Pay and Conditions

Postby hand in pants » Tue Oct 11 2011, 00:34

Just one quick comment.

Some are saying we need government intervention to fix things. Has anybody heard of the CASA, they are a typical government body and look at the bum fight they are, under staffed, overworked, under regulated and really not much help at all.
Look at the government now, have them controlling us more than they do now would be a nightmare, changing every five minutes because some clown in an office who has NEVER even seen a helicopter in real life wants to look like he is doing something. Every 4 years a new mob comes to power and they have different ideas on how it should be done. any decisions would be made by a committee which has to answer to 2 or 3 other committee's. Then there is funding, who pays for them (and there would be thousands of the chair bound bastards to pay for, and not on a pilots wage either).

Think of some other way, ANY other way PLEASE............................
Hand in Pants, I'm thinking, my god, that IS huge!!!!!!!!
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Hugh Bosh
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Re: Responses to Pay and Conditions

Postby Hugh Bosh » Wed Oct 12 2011, 04:14

hand in pants wrote:Some are saying we need government intervention to fix things.

Not exactly HIP. Government intervention when operators are breaking the law or exploiting their workforce maybe.

An industry traineeship would require our helicopter industry to provide input, direction and management. The government role in all of that is to provide the financial subsidies and over-arching framework.
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Re: Responses to Pay and Conditions

Postby dmfoqs » Sun Oct 16 2011, 04:31

Here is an idea. Every heli pilot with under 500 hours please state
optional who you work for
how long you have had a licence
your hours
how long it took to get a job
how long has it taken to get your hours
what conditions you work under
what pay you get , if any
how many hours / days you work per week
what other duties you have to do

I am asking this for two reasons. 1 to show the industry what bare licenced pilots have to do to get hours and 2 to try and implement a pay system that works. You can pm me with who you work for so nothing comes back on you.....
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4th Dan
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Re: Responses to Pay and Conditions

Postby Pegs » Fri Dec 23 2011, 04:34

pj wrote:Helimusterer. I have had some extremely interesting responces re bare /low time pilots. I will reply in a few days. In short i am very concerned about our industry and its lack of structured progression.

Hi PJ,
we never did hear back from you, but I'm guessing you got quite a few responses from both sides, do you care to continue where you left off? I was following your comments (as were others) with some interest. What do you propose to the industry to fix a problem that has been ongoing since helicopters first started flying in Australia?

A good idea needs landing gear as well as wings to get off the ground.

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