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What's a job in helicopters pay? Does it pay? Why do you get paid more than me?
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Re: Discussion on wages

Postby skypig » Wed Feb 17 2010, 13:10

Executive Summery

:idea: It can be difficult to get work and therefore experience at first. :D :( :( :( :( **^** :D
(For this reason as many impediments as possible must be removed. These include anything that prevents you taking an extremely low paying job wherever it is)
:idea: A year or two after getting a flying position I’d think you could expect to be earning around $50K. :cool_dc:
Single Engine VFR probably tops out at about $80K :too_cool: ($100K if touring and/or good at long lineing, maybe.)
:idea: Off-Shore Co-Pilots $100K inc allowances for spending half your life “away” (sometimes unbelievably away) 8) :cool_slp:
:idea: Off-Shore Captains $150K (live the same places as the Co-Pilots) :cool_slp: 8)
:idea: ME SPIFR (The pinnacle for lots of Pilots) $130K (but can see the love interest every day) 8)

Very approximate and general, obviously.

Do it. (or die wondering)

$ky Pig

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