B2 Avionics LAME Wage

What's a job in helicopters pay? Does it pay? Why do you get paid more than me?
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B2 Avionics LAME Wage

Postby Zeus1980 » Wed Dec 30 2015, 10:51

I am in the middle of negotiations for a B2 LAME position just north of Brisbane and I would like to know if anyone knows of the average wage I should be working towards. Below are the known conditions of employment:

1. GA both fixed and rotary
2. Mostly hanger and workshop maintenance (fixed base) but some travel will be required
3. Not doing any Chief Engineer role's to start with but maybe in the future
4. Some other minor responsibilities eg. front office administrative duties, etc.
5. I will have a type certification but won't be using it in this position

Sorry if this has already been covered but can't find anything on B2 LAME's on here.

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Re: B2 Avionics LAME Wage

Postby choppermech1986 » Wed Dec 30 2015, 20:28

It really depends on how good you are, if you diagnose problems in minutes instead of hours and have the ability to make your new employer a good profit on your hourly wage then you should be on somewhere just above six figures, if you're average, then I would think somewhere shy of six figures (based on location). Regardless of your skills, I'd be surprised if there were any (appropriately licensed) avionics guys on less than $60k in Australia at the moment.

No matter what you ask for, make sure you negotiate a performance review by a certain date so that you can ask for more if you feel that you can justify it.

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Re: B2 Avionics LAME Wage

Postby Evil Twin » Wed Dec 30 2015, 21:28

If it's not written down and signed by both parties don't expect to get it. Promises almost always turn out not to be fulfilled.

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