whats acceptable for pilots pay?

What's a job in helicopters pay? Does it pay? Why do you get paid more than me?
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Re: whats acceptable for pilots pay?

Postby Stochastic » Mon Jun 29 2015, 07:39

Bear in mind that mr on gravity will be at least half of engine.
Also low timers should be very wary of gravity survey, particularly if production pressure exists.
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Re: whats acceptable for pilots pay?

Postby Evil Twin » Mon Jun 29 2015, 07:44

Crackers wrote:If you really want to do something, then send a copy of the offer you were given to the fairwork ombudsman. You can do it anonymously. That offer is so ridiculously below the minimum standards of pay and conditions according to the pilots award, that it would be game over for the operator if he/she were investigated. They would most likely investigate beyond the terms of the complaint to establish prior intent to defraud employees.
The only way this mess will be cleaned up is if it starts at the bottom, operator by operator. I too was guilty, but at least my first job was not too far of the mark pay wise, although there was not even a contract in writing that I remember signing.

Good work collective issues. You have nailed the award rates correctly in an easy to understand way.

There's some proactive thinking. Well said!!!!!!!

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