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EBA 2010

Postby helothere » Wed Dec 23 2009, 12:57

PILOTS' EBA CAMPAIGN 2010 – Update 1
Your Pilot Reps and AFAP Industrial Staff are now consolidating pilot responses to EBA 2010 and are preparing your claim to serve on the company.

• Overall pay rise with back pay (if necessary).
• Access to annual leave in year it accrues.
• Three monthly roster period.
• Review health insurance arrangements.
• Clarify WP6 overtime schedule.
• Business class flights for Sim trips.
• Medicals paid/reimbursed by the Company.
• NVG allowance.
• Increase locations pilots can tour from.
• Address offshore annual leave and field leave.
• Expand annual incremental structure.
• EMS allowance to cover all EMS operations.
• Allowance for maintaining multiple currency.
• Allowance for single pilot IFR.
• Improve redundancy entitlements/benefits.
• Increase casual day payment.
• Clarify Co-Pilot progression.
• Increase Truscott accommodation standards.
• Fixed based pilots 'tour' by mutual consent.
• Increase loss of license reimbursement.
• Increase Sydney allowance and incorporate into the Agreement.
• Increase check and training allowance.

With this feedback, your Pilot Reps and AFAP Industrial Staff will review the current agreement for the purposes of serving a claim on the company, after pilots have had the opportunity to consider and endorse it. We hope to have a draft ready for pilots' consideration in the near future. With our current agreement due to expire, the Reps and AFAP are aiming to commence negotiations with the company before February 2010. As always, the pilot group will be kept informed on the progress of negotiations when they commence. In the meantime, please contact your Pilot Reps: Mark Gaudin, Derek O'Neill or newly appointed Rep Tom House who replaced Darryl Humphreys.

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