DG and CRM validity

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DG and CRM validity

Postby wim206 » Sun Jul 12 2015, 10:21

Hi Guys.

I am trying to find out if a IATA DG certificate and CRM certificate (obtained in South Africa and still valid) would be valid in Australia? I can't get answers from anyone at CASA and opinions on the DG varies between companies.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: DG and CRM validity

Postby skidtube » Mon Jul 13 2015, 00:44


In answer to your post...No.

The Theory training providers (in South Africa) will need permission from CASA to certify that there course meets the criteria set out by CASA

Same Goes with the CRM course

All though pretty much all DG are based on IATA...there will be local differences that quote in AUS CASA legislation

Your South African DG will quote local regs as well as IATA stuff.

Just pay the money like the rest of us......

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