On Line bookings

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On Line bookings

Postby 3rdtimelucky » Fri Apr 17 2020, 00:31

Hi guys,

Heads up/Aspeq

I recently changed an exam date online, the 'Aspeq' system requires you to fill out a form, seperate to the normal payment for online bookings, to pay the $24

Unfortunately 'Aspeq' managed to send a copy of my form with all my bank details, email etc to another candidate............!

My advice is 'DO NOT', massive inconvenience not to mention security, obviously I'll be informing CA£A and have advised 'Aspeq' their system is redundant.

Waiting for a response.
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Re: On Line bookings

Postby Fill-level » Fri Apr 17 2020, 01:22

Called human error .

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