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World Helicopter Day 2019 - Sun 18 Aug - Call for Event Locations

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World Helicopter Day 2019 - Sun 18 Aug - Call for Event Locations

Postby Mick Cullen » Sun Mar 3 2019, 08:37

Registration for open day events for World Helicopter Day 2019 are open if your company/organisation is keen to get involved.

More details at:

Nil cost + some good local/international PR from being involved.

In Brisbane for example we are hoping to add more again to what we had last year: - static displays, joyflights, Defence Recruiting, drones, virtual reality flight sim, Air Cadets, AOPA flight simulator bus, Coast Guard, book signing, face painting, colouring activity, food and coffee vans, and several aviation vendor tents.

Global event locations in 2018 as a guide:

Australia, Cairns – Nautilus Aviation
Australia, Brisbane – Aeropower Flight School
Australia, Perth – Corsaire Aviation
Belgium, Wevelgem – Heli Business
Spain, Balearic Islands – Balearic Helicopters
England, Leicestershire – Helicentre Aviation
England, Somerset – The Helicopter Museum
England, Ramsgate – Polar Helicopters
England, Manchester – Flight Academy Ltd
England, Chard – Historic Helicopters
Scotland, Fort William – Helisafari
Scotland, Kinloss – Morayvia Science and Technology Centre
Germany, Munich – Sky Magic
Serbia, Belgrade – Balkan Helicopters
Hong Kong – Hong Kong Aviation Club Foundation
South Africa, Johannesburg – Henley Air
USA, Pennsylvania – American Helicopter Museum
USA, Hawaii – Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
USA, Washington – Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team
USA, California – Wings Over Camarillo
USA, New York – Independent Helicopters
USA, Arkansas – flyARH

Some more coverage: ... e-to-grow/ ... r-in-2018/ ... opter-day/
Mick Cullen
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Silver Wings
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Re: World Helicopter Day 2019 - Sun 18 Aug - Call for Event Locations

Postby Mick Cullen » Sun May 19 2019, 11:44

Cut&paste of message I've just sent out to the email database for the day from the website.

Doesn't take much to stand up an event for this year if you want to be part of promoting the industry.

91 days to run to World Helicopter Day 2019!

This email has two goals:
1. Have you put Sunday 18 August in your calendar for World Helicopter Day 2019, and
2. Inspire you to start planning an event in your city or at your airfield.

This the fifth year of the event! Once again this will be a chance for the helicopter world to celebrate the people that make up our industry, our collective achievements and importantly, an opportunity to bring the public up close to the wonderful machines we operate.

That so many venues return each year speaks to the fact that it is a fun day for all involved.

In past years we have had event nominations from:
* Alabama, USA
* Wevelgem, Belgium
* Balearic Islands, Spain
* Ramsgate, UK
* Cairns, Australia
* Manchester, UK
* Munich, Germany
* Chard, UK
* Fort William, UK
* Hawaii, USA
* Washington, USA
* Leicestershire, UK
* Belgrade, Serbia
* California, USA
* New York, USA
* Perth, Australia
* Arkansas, USA
* Hong Kong, China
* Johannesburg, South Africa
* Newcastle, Australia
* Somerset, UK
* Pennsylvania, USA
* Kinloss, UK
* Brisbane, Australia
* Northamptonshire, UK
* Nottinghamshire, UK
* Quebec, Canada
* Perth, Australia
* Capetown, South Africa
* Abbotsford, BC
* Las Vegas, USA
* White Waltham, UK
* Melbourne, Australia
* Gold Coast, Australia
* Texas, USA
* Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Your event could be anything from a hangar open day, BBQ, guest speaker or training session, airshow, joy flights and right up to the harbour-side event in Hong Kong with marching band.

There is nil cost to be involved.

Your event gets world-wide exposure through the World Helicopter Day social media accounts and you are playing an important part in showcasing our industry to the world.

At the grassroots level your event could well be the first time someone in your local area ever gets to see a helicopter up close. It could be the experience that sets them down the path of a career in the helicopter industry.

To see some of the reach of the day look at the #worldhelicopterday hashtag usage on Instagram and Twitter. More photos from last year are located on the day's Facebook Page.

Resources such as event checklists, example press releases and graphics/banners are avaliable on the main website.


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