Cairns B206 Crosshire

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Cairns B206 Crosshire

Postby Scud » Thu Jun 27 2013, 06:35

Hi Slappers,

Am looking to cross-hire a B206 out of Cairns on a private arrangement for 1 day (approx. 2 hrs MR time only though). I have a CPL(H), over 2500hrs (1500+ on 206's) and have only recently left the industry on a fulltime basis for part-time/casual.

I know of GBR and Nautilus but wondering if anyone knows of any other owners up this way, private or otherwise. Don't think GBR would offer a machine if available due to them needing it in-house and am not sure about Nautilus...still waiting on a call back.


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Re: Cairns B206 Crosshire

Postby BennyG » Thu Jun 27 2013, 14:39


Try Steve Spinaze... (the guy who just sold Heli Charters), he still owns most of his machines (pretty sure he only sold the r22 with the business), and sounds like he's going to start cross hiring them.

PM if you need his contact details.


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