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Re: News

Postby Firehawkforeffect » Tue Aug 15 2017, 01:55

kandm wrote:Firehawk, as an ambassador, you certainly paint a professional picture.

It would be near impossible attempting to look at your position from a critical point of view, and he is who is convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

I have read the annual reviews; I don't pretend to know the 'grey' financial workings that occur in the background, however, you can quickly see the charity side of things is a relatively small contributor to your bottom line.

Reading the glitter words of the original News article is annoying. But hey, that is just News in general. What other option do you have though? Admit that it was a poor decision to place the aircraft in location because of the restrictions that come with the lease arrangement? Do penalties now apply? Is it now going somewhere warmer/drier? Imagine if Toll turned around tomorrow, pulled a 139 from the Gong' and replaced it with a second hand 412, citing this would be more suitable for the operating environment (perhaps a little cheaper, too). No. The NSW Government would probably make their money back with the penalties that would accompany that sort of decision.

As you've said, I'm sure you're doing a great job with the money that was on the table, could it have been done better? Maybe. It's these sort of decisions without proper, holistic oversight and accountability that continue to breed mediocrity.

I don't work for them, but I do like to correct the fiction that gets tossed around as fact on social media these days.

You've changed your tune though now that your incorrect opinion has been called out. Why the 'professional' change of tune?

Is there a contractual requirement for a 139 on the Sunny Coast? Be interesting to know!
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Re: News

Postby Thomas208 » Tue Aug 15 2017, 02:27

so life flight pays zero tax, partners with Star flight who brings a Turkish aviation company into the country to compete on a commercial market. Can you advise how this would be good for the Australian market? One pays no tax and the other moves all profits overseas.
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Re: News

Postby joni » Tue Aug 15 2017, 02:37

Referencing the original post,

I think the Sunshine Coast Daily reporter was trying to highlight the fact that a few months prior LifeFlight bombarded the Sunshine Coast community with media releases, ceremonies (naming of the aircraft) and Facebook posts selling them on how good of an asset the AW139 would be for the coast.

I feel sorry for the LifeFlight employees, pilots, engineers, aircrew and fundraisers that helped out with fundraising and promoting the AW139 on the coast. The employees will be the ones that have to answer to the questions from the community and all the grandma's that get the cold calls from LifeFlights fundraising department asking them to donate because of the arrival of the AW139.

Seems like LifeFlight's management and COO are playing the same card that most politicians play, "promise the world then backtrack on that same promise a few months later"
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Re: News

Postby Firefish » Tue Aug 15 2017, 05:37

The latest rumour is the Mega Chopper is off to Toowoomba to a shiny new hangar.
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Re: News

Postby Saucepan » Tue Aug 15 2017, 08:34

A 139 based in Toowoomba? Why?

It's a 30 minute flight from the metropolis of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunny etc. The population of T'ba is what about 120,000? I know it's the gateway to the West...but can it land on the two hospital helipads in town. Used to be the Careflight B412 job. If the 139 is planning just to use the airport then road ambulance then why not use the RFDS? They have a greater speed, range and payload with their PC12s and King Airs and....much more cost effective. Apologies if I missed a point or drifted.

Cheers FP.

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