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AS350 Rollover Vid

Posted: Sun Jan 24 2016, 11:43
by Twistgrip
A timely reminder on the consequences of dynamic rollover, but also to know your personal limitations on the aircraft type.

As you can see from the vid he wasn't comfortable from the start of the landing sequence but persisted until the end result (Remarkable how it ended back upright!).

Also note the 206 with the blades not tied down, not a good practice especially for a teetering head when aircraft are taking off and overhead/nearby. :roll:

Re: AS350 Rollover Vid

Posted: Mon Jan 25 2016, 01:38
by Capt Hollywood
OK I'll say it. Whilst not the end cause of the accident, the initial attempts at landing seem to be yet another case of a pilot over-controlling an AS350, look at the oscillations when he/she initially tries to put it down. If I may be so bold as to offer some advice, slow it down people! If it feels bad (and those oscillations would have felt terrible inside the cockpit), pick it up, compose yourself, go around if need be, try again if possible or abort, before YOU have pushed the aircraft to a point beyond recovery.

Re: AS350 Rollover Vid

Posted: Mon Jan 25 2016, 04:54
by hand in pants
Well said Captain.
Looked untidy right from the start and kept at it.
Hard way to learn a lesson.

Re: AS350 Rollover Vid

Posted: Mon Jan 25 2016, 21:24
by Zebt
What a pity that went wrong, looked like it was down just before it went pear shaped. You would think that a person flying that machine would have a boat load of landing experience and know the signs, in fact I would hope that a relatively low hour pilot would not make that error. It almost looked like they wanted to adjust the landing or move it slightly whilst still down just prior to the rollover, which of course can be bad news on anything other than a nice flat slab unless you pick it up properly and then put it down again.