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Postby 3DCContracting » Tue Aug 1 2017, 10:13

SALE of 3DC Geomatics Pty Ltd & Survey Drone Assets

This is an excellent opportunity for an existing engineering, surveying or construction firm to acquire an existing current Operators Certificate and associated business ACN 3DC Geomatics Pty Ltd for the OC. The commercial benefits for rapidly acquiring high quality mosaic imagery and point cloud data with RTK/PPK technology for georeferenced data are highly desirable in this competitive market. This opportunity comes with the following assets;
1. Existing business ACN with no encumbrances.
2. Chief Operators Certificate.
3. CASA Operators Certificate documents including; Manuals for Management of Flight, Operating, Maintenance, Safety & Risk Assessment. This includes are necessary registers and checklists for Flight, Pilot Logs, Specifications, Battery, Flight Authorisation, Briefing Sheet, Job Safety Assessment, Risk Assessment, Maintenance Log and Defects log.
4. Dronemetrex Topodrone TD100 UAV PPK with Mission Planner software.
5. Sensefly Ebee Survey RTK with PIX4D software.
6. 3 Days personal training with Chief Pilot for flights and post processing protocols.
7. Trimble GNSS R8 Base Station and Rover.
8. Bonus 3DC Geomatics specific internally developed workflows and protocols that streamline efficiencies for acquiring photogrammetry surveys, flight & mission planning, post processing imagery & point clouds, cartographic transformations, point cloud classifications, vectorisation, triangulations, contours, volumes and integration with 3rd party applications such as Pix4D, Emotion, Global Mapper, VRMesh, 12d Model, AutoCAD (Civil 3D, Recap, Infraworks), FARO PointSence, JustCloud, Foresoft Ezigrade, Trimble Business Centre and Trimble Ecognition.

Commercial Benefits
Engineering and Construction companies need to adapt their workflow methodologies to meet the latest technological advancements in software processing with real time data acquisition to make informed decisions for planning, design and cost estimates. By having these tools at your disposal, the business unit can acquire and process real time data up to 40Ha per flight in 30 minutes. The post processing workflows the company has developed for a classified point cloud and triangulation mesh is 2-3 hours per flight. This thereby limits risk, provides accurate current imagery and point cloud data of terrain, structures and asset infrastructure that can be directly plugged in to modern industry standard software such as ESRI GIS, 12d Model, Autodesk & Bentley products. There are considerable time savings and efficiencies that can be included in the scheduled program of tender designs with the added benefit of more accurate survey information to incorporate into bill of quantity estimates or planning tools for bids such as Autodesk Infraworks. The need to engage surveyors using traditional methods and waiting times is obsolete with this technology.

Reason for sale
The company is selling the business and all associated assets as a lump sum item as the company is relocating to Asia to deliver several rail engineering projects. There won’t be sufficient time to manage both businesses remotely with the current workload.

Estimated Value of Assets versus Actual Incurred Costs
1. Existing business ACN - $600.00 AUD
2. Chief Operators Certificate - $20,000.00 - $30,000 AUD (considers actual costs plus additional several months developing for engineering & surveying purposes)
3. CASA Operators Certificate Manuals - $3,500.00 - 5,000.00 AUD
4. Dronemetrex Topodrone TD100 UAV - $40,000.00 - $65,900.00 AUD
5. TD100 UAV Launcher & Catch Net - $2,500.00 AUD
6. Sensefly Ebee Survey RTK - $40,000.00 - 60,000.00 AUD
7. Sensefly Tough Pad - $2,900.00 AUD
8. PIX4D software - $3,000.00 AUD
9. 3 Days training with Chief Pilot - $3,750.00 AUD
10. Trimble GNSS R8 Base Station, Rover & Relay - $15,000.00 AUD
11. Survey Equipment secure box - $1,000.00 AUD
12. Battery Packs and Chargers - >$2,500.00 AUD
13. Bonus Practice Drone (TD100 Type) - $500.00 AUD
14. Bonus Protocols - >$10,000.00 AUD
15. Mission Planner software - FREE

Sale Summary
The current estimated value of the operator’s certificate and business assets purchase costs to exceed $190,000.00 AUD not including the personal time and developments into the technical documentation and protocols. The company to date has spent an additional $20,000.00 AUD on the Operators Certificate, $12,000.00 AUD on specific flight training. An additional several months of further in depth commercial development of all the manuals, procedures, registers and streamlined efficiencies for the workflow protocols was also invested. The value of the effort placed into the protocols is unquantifiable considering the efficiencies it adds to the business unit for the turnaround times of post processing enriched data sets. There is very little useful free information available on the web, or from the drone suppliers in the market with regards to efficient trade secrets for delivery and the best workflows; however you will receive it all as part of this package. The information provided by the suppliers didn't even cover the fundamentals of what is required for engineering purposes and construction projects. This knowledge can only be learnt from experienced personnel, trial and error, paid training and experienced digital post processing GIS specialists for engineering purposes. The company has documented all the potential efficiencies in the workflows for your benefit to begin trading effectively immediately that is acceptable for Tier 1 engineering consultancies.

The proposed sale price for all of the above is $90,000.00 AUD O.N.O. The estimated time to process the transfer of the Operators Certificate with CASA and the business is in the order of 4-6 weeks. The business is operational; currently trading and can commence flights immediately upon a ratified sale agreement with the buyer. Therefore this is a unique opportunity whereby an existing engineering or surveying business will not have to wait 6-12 months for the current OC processing times, nor has to work through the development of manuals and trial error methods of determining best practice of workflows for profitable processing and delivery for their engineering business unit.

Reason for sale
I'm heading over to Asia to focus on rail transport engineering contracts and i simply do not have the time or energy to run this business remotely. The SMRT rail project i will be working on is all LiDAR undertaken by LEICA and the accuracy required for railway tolerances doesn't require drones unfortunately, therefore i have decided to focus on Transport Engineering rather than surveying.

For further information feel free to send me a message and exchange your contact details in a private message for inquiries. Refer to the website links below in the signature area for further clarification.

All serious offers welcome.

Thank you kindly

Christopher Rabjones
Managing Director
3DC Contracting Pty Ltd
A: Unit 342, 3-5 Pendraat Parade, Ilanah Aqua, Queensland 4212
M: 61 0474 127 577

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