Sydney Harbour Heliport - The Ongoing Saga

As requested by GAFNomad... Helis on the move
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Sydney Harbour Heliport - The Ongoing Saga

Postby JetRangerJunkie » Wed Jan 2 2013, 07:23

I am trying to establish a timeline of sorts and untangle the maze of info re: Sydney's On Again-Off Again harbour Heliport.
I understand SCRUSE-Air attempted to get a pad at Darling Harbour up and running in the late 70's but were thwarted by all and sundry.
Then there was proposal to use Cockatoo Island. [Date?]
Then Pyrmont was 'trialled' for six months in the 80's ,only to be closed down.
There may have been other sites ,and other operators who were part of this tragic melodrama and any info would be welcome.

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