Employment in Cairns - tour guide or handyman?

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Employment in Cairns - tour guide or handyman?

Postby Kulwin Park » Sun Nov 23 2014, 11:58

G'day All, I'm wishing to help a friend that's recently moved to Cairns...
Does anyone have any employment handy for a experienced 4WD Tour Guide, who used to operate in North West WA, and wants any casual or fulltime work on offer up there??

He used to renovate bars/shops and ran his own custom timber furniture manufacturing business from home down south, but has recently sold up to his business partner and moved north to follow some dreams with his wife already got employment up there. Apart from that and his 4WD touring experience, he is very handy with tools and reno's, so if anyone wants a helping hand over summer, or needs a hand with tourism experience with their planes/helicopters - please contact me.

Cheers, KP

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