Aus National Parks pilots

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Aus National Parks pilots

Postby rotorbird » Thu Mar 12 2020, 06:08

Hi all,

I would love to fly for one of the state National parks in the future and unfortunately I don’t know any pilots who do fly for them.

So a few quick questions!

1. How would I secure a job with them? Do they hire pilots directly or are they contracted through other companies?

2. How often do they hire pilots? I’m assuming the turnover is slow as I have never seen a job advertised.

3. What are the general minimum requirements for a pilot gig with one of the national parks in Aus?

Thanks in advance! Any additional info on the topic is greatly appreciated :)
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Re: Aus National Parks pilots

Postby Tactical71 » Thu Mar 12 2020, 22:40

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service have a small fleet of helicopters based in Sydney and then use contract aircraft and crews out in regional NSW. They advertise through the normal media channels. Its. state government position so keep an eye on the NSW State Government job site.

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