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flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 14 2011, 01:10
by sandman
I am going to be in the US later in the year and I am wanting to check out a few flight schools while there.
I will be travelling the northwest corner( San Fran,Utah,Colorado,Seattle,Oregon,Wyoming,Idaho,Nevada).
Does anyone have any they would recommend to go and have a chat to?


Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 14 2011, 02:24
by Numro uno
Mr Sandman.........(good name for a song) :lol:

What is it that you seek .....Training or employment :?: :?: :cool_slp:

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 14 2011, 02:47
by sandman
Looking to convert to FAA cpl, and exploring employment market

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 14 2011, 12:03
by Yankee
For Employment look on JSFIRM, There's not a lot of action in the GOM, EMS is always hiring, Pay stinks 55k. must have over 2k hrs some locations better than others, by the time you get here the ditch will be quiet. I wouldn't recomend Helicopter company, their focus is more on timebuilding than qualifications.

Best or Luck

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Posted: Sun Aug 14 2011, 22:31
by Heli-Ops
Stop off in Hawaii and chat with Ben at Mauna Loa Helicopters. Good company with a good reputation.

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Posted: Mon Aug 15 2011, 05:34
by bladewash269
I've heard Colorado Heli Ops are a good mob.
Don't know what happened to the Bristow Academy campus in Concord CA but they don't appear to be on the website anymore.

Sounds like a fun trip. Have a good time!

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sat Aug 27 2011, 03:48
by DanHeath
Heli-Ops wrote:Stop off in Hawaii and chat with Ben at Mauna Loa Helicopters. Good company with a good reputation.

I attended this school and completed my CFI training in July 2011. Flying in HAwaii is an amazing experience ... the training is fantastic , the costs are about half Australian Costs in both the R22 and R44. If you get an F1 visa you can work legally as an instructor at the school for 2 years and get over 1000 PIC hours.

If you want an experience of a lifetime at half the cost and hour building it doesn't get any better. If you want some pictures of the flying i have done on Oahu,Big Island and Kauai, the student accommodation or more detail on the school etc then please drop me an email or PM me here.


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Posted: Sun Aug 28 2011, 00:05
by harold
Dont forget though; if you're doing the PPL to US CPL conversion, you will need 300 hours on your US licence to convert back to AUS CPL.

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Posted: Sun Aug 28 2011, 00:28
by Dauphin
I would also recommend Mauna Loa Helicopters. The owner, Ben, is very knowledgeable regarding visa and licence conversion requirements. I converted my Oz ATPL to FAA ATPL with him a few years ago and have no complaints at all.

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 28 2011, 00:57
by Coriolis
Fo what it's worth, try Leading Edge Aviation at Bend in Oregon. Far better school and more credible that some others mentioned on here!

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 28 2011, 14:19
harold wrote:Dont forget though; if you're doing the PPL to US CPL conversion, you will need 300 hours on your US licence to convert back to AUS CPL.

Spoke to many people in CASA about your little Quote & NO-ONE seems to know anything about it!! :?:
Could you be so kind & let us know "when" this will take place & if we will see it in our life time :lol:

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 28 2011, 21:20
by Stems
Yankee, Thanks for the information. I am also planning to head state side to be with family and would love some more information on the EMS world. I plan to head to GA. Do you have any recommendations for EMS companies in that state?
Any info would be great. :lol:

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 28 2011, 21:27
by harold
Yowill see it in our lifetime and should speak with head of licensing

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Sun Aug 28 2011, 21:54
by Yankee
Stems, Anytimes where its not listed as "Preferred" should be considered as absolute minimums... starting pay is around $55 k minus medical insurance and taxes doesn't leave a lot left over... Wish I could move to OZ for work!!! ohh and average around 120hrs a year... so EMS= Earn Money Sleeping.

Here's a job:
Job Description:

Only qualified candidates can be considered for this TEMPORARY position.

VFR Helicopter EMS Operations in Jasper, GA


Commercial & Instrument License in category (rotor wing).
ATP rating in category preferred.
Medical Certificate – Class I or II per contract requirements.
24 months recency of flight experience is preferred.
Proficient in VFR programs.
Night cross country and off airport/confined area landing experience is strongly preferred.
College degree from an accredited institution is preferred.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Ability to work respectfully and collaboratively with others.
Desire to be part of a team.
Must live within the geographical location of the base (i.e., an approximate driving time of one hour - subject to customer approval).
Ability to conduct activities requiring lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling on a frequent basis up to 80 pounds.
Assisting with lifting of patients may be expected.
Weight limit per program policy (if applicable).

Flight Hour Requirements (all in category - "rotor wing"):

2000 hours total time.
1000 rotor wing PIC hours.
50 hours actual or hood instrument time.
500 rotor wing turbine hours.
100 rotor wing unaided night hours.

Aircraft: AS-350

These requirements are considered minimum experience levels and do not guarantee a candidate will be considered for employment. Each candidate’s resume will be reviewed to determine if the candidate possesses the appropriate experience level before being considered for employment with Air Methods.

A training contract will be required...

Stems, here's another with Air Evac lifeteam:

Category: Pilot
Facility: Fayette
Department: Pilot
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: 12 Hours
Job Details: High School/GED
Commercial Rotorcraft Helicopter Certificate with Helicopter
100 Nights Unaided
1000 PIC
1500 Helicopter Time
2000 Total Time
Weight restriction of 220lbs.

Air Evac Line Pilots are responsible to insure all operations involving company aircraft are in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, Air Evac Operations Manual, and all state or municipal regulations. The Line pilot will insure the aircraft remains clean and mission ready and operates the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner, with emphasis on compliance with the Aircraft Flight Manual.

To be considered for this position you must meet the following criteria listed below.


2,000 Total Time
1,500 Helicopter Time
1,000 PIC
100 Night Unaided
500 Hours Turbine Engine Time
Must currently meet and weight less than 220 lbs.
Commercial Rotorcraft Helicopter Certificate with Helicopter Instrument Rating
Current Class II Medical Certificate.
ACFT TYPE: Bell 206 L4

Air Evac offers:

Work Schedule: 7/7
401(k) Match
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Employer Paid Short Term Disability*
Employer Paid Long Term Disability*
Employer Paid Life Insurance**
Vision Plan
EAP Program
Housing provided while on hitch
Large operational area with many opportunities for transfer
Work over optional
* Covers medical loss of license for pilots
** Covers pilots and med crews while in flight

And here's another with Med Trans:




Join a team of highly skilled emergency medical experts, pilots and mechanics whose mission is to save lives.

Med-Trans provides air medical services through the rapid transport of the critically ill and injured. Med-Trans is renowned for its state-of-the art helicopter equipment has established itself as an industry leader in safe and successful missions. We take great pride in hiring the most professional helicopter pilots available in the industry today!

We offer competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package including: medical, dental, & vision coverage; life insurance; a 401(k) retirement plan with a company match on up to 8% of your contributions; paid time off, holiday pay and time and a half for work-over?s; plus a variety of other voluntary insurances.

In addition, Med-Trans also offers 100% company paid short term disability/loss of license insurance and long term disability insurance.

If you are interested in joining the Med-Trans Family as a EMS Pilot, you will need to possess the following:

? 2000 total helicopter flight hours

? 1000 PIC in helicopters

? 1000 turbine flight hours

? 200 helicopter night-flight hours

? Current FAA commercial certificate with rotorcraft

? Helicopter instrument rating

? Current FAA Class II medical certificate

? Prefer Bell 407 or EC135 experience

? Flight currency day and night is a must!

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Mon Aug 29 2011, 01:39
by harold
Firstly, have no idea who skyburner is so forget the crappola!
Secondly, my advice came directly from the Head of Licensing and it will be implemented in due course!
Do not try and convince people to go over to the US and waste their hard earned money because this nice little scam is about to come to an end and rightly so.

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Mon Aug 29 2011, 03:37
harold wrote:Dont forget though; if you're doing the PPL to US CPL conversion, you will need 300 hours on your US licence to convert back to AUS CPL.

Now, Now, harold :lol:
Your stating here you "already" need 300hrs....... :!:

"NOW" your saying its not implimented yet :?: :?: :?

Hmmmm, i think someone's credibility/facts are "very questionable"

I was told this a long time ago..... "to be good at not telling the truth, firstly you must have a great memory"

Guy's if you want value for your hard earned money (as "harold" say's.. & i agree with him here about value) ....give the U.S a try,
Do your entire CPL there especially the way the dollar is then come back & convert it to OZ CPL.....

I went to Mauna Loa Helicopters a few yrs back got my CPL there, Ben & his team will help you with your study visa, accom, etc, Also its a great place to fly..
Very professional training company "ESPECIALLY with EMERGENCIES "
the training has saved my life once already when i had an engine failure 12 mths back alot more than i can say about where i "BROUGHT" my PPL here in OZ
it sickened me how little i was shown to achieve my PPL here in OZ,
the training i received with Ben & his team in "my opinion" was second to none....
its not a "scam" or a "short cut" as this one operator from out west of Sydney say's it is...

As the old saying goes "IF & I say IF" you give great price/service people won't go elsewhere... (Nothing wrong with healthy competition) :!:
Do you hear other countries complain when "OTHER" enthusiastic/entrepreneurial OZ helicopter training companies go & recruite students & bring them here :?: :?:

NO you DON'T........ :!: :!:

The only reason someone will complain & WHINGE (like this operator) is because they are not getting a piece of the pie......(FACT) Oc:=

Safe skies,


Re: flight schools US

Posted: Mon Aug 29 2011, 04:55
by SkyBurner
Well! yet another person who doesnt have HIS FACTS STRAIGHT!

Let me try and clear this up.......

The issue with the PPL to CPL conversion is.........

Australian PPL(H) Holders who have logged maybe 250-300 hours on their OZ PPL are going over to the US and Converting their PPL(H) licences to a US CPL(H). This process involves maybe 10-15 hours flying training in the US MAX (depending on whether they require night training or not). Once they have completed this flying they have 1 exam to do! ONE EXAM of which they are given the answers to study the night before! By some sort of a Miracle they PASS! (surprise). Congratulations! you now have an american CPL(H) after completing a very taudry flight test in the US

So John Citizen comes back to OZ with his fresh FAA CPL(H) and has it converted to an OZ CPL(H).This involves ONLY 2 EXAMS! and ONE Flight test! (HE HAS NOT EVEN COMPLETED THE SYLLABUS REQUIREMENTS OF THE AUSTRALIAN CPL) Congratulations! You now have an OZ CPL(H).


The truth is that he has NOT completed this study anywhere and is deficient in the required knowledge of evey other pilot who did their training in Australia.

Why is it soooooooooo hard for people to understand? THIS IS DANGEROUS!

If i was an Operator in Australia (fortunatley im not) I would not employ one of these suspect licence holders over a thouroughly australian qualified pilot EVER! The 5 that i know of and have met personally are all below very much below standard!

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Mon Aug 29 2011, 10:44
Dangerous you say :?: :?:
Well its not only low timers who make “mistakes”
(Let me make this clear I’m “only” talking about my personal experiences
Within the companies I’ve worked in over the years, here & overseas)

BUT as I’ve posted previously if I was a newbie I would totally look at the
U.S training great value for money also great place to fly,
Truly great experience!

Anyway that’s my opinion,

As this is a forum & this is what forums are for.... :lol:

Safe skies to all.

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Mon Aug 29 2011, 12:48
by SkyBurner
Sorry VS! Not who you think I am! :wink:

Re: flight schools US

Posted: Mon Aug 29 2011, 13:58
by bladepitch
You guys are a crack up trying to out each other online. Good argument going on!

Harolds turn.