Instrument rating training

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Instrument rating training

Postby Outbackheli » Mon Aug 27 2018, 01:24

I think it has to be said now that to progress into MPT/OFFSHORE the only option seems to be paying for your IR.

What schools provide a SE-IR or MECIR and has any of those schools been approved for VETFEE help yet?
I think the first operator who gets approved will have a lot of business.

PART 61 changed the game and has transferred the cost from the companys to the pilots.

I got a quote from heliwest for their MECIR and it’s 95k, PHS is around 70.
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Re: Instrument rating training

Postby Chocka » Tue Aug 28 2018, 11:46

I made enquiries at Becker Helicopters at the Sunshine Coast (approx 3 years ago). Was going to be around $52,000, not including IREX. Training conducted in a 206.

I know a couple of guys who have gone to either Canada or to the USA. All up costs, including flights, accom, etc, was around half. Cheaper in the states. They work outside of oz and have not needed to convert their ratings to an Australian rating, so I can't comment too much on how the whole conversion process goes. From chatting to an aussie CFI though, who has dealt with a couple of foreign trained guys, there was some additional training (around 5hr), before the flight test was conducted. Obviously this will vary in each case...
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Re: Instrument rating training

Postby Jeffory » Tue Aug 28 2018, 12:58

$70,000 - $95,000 for a MECIR (H)? To then be at the peril of the volatile offshore job market? That's madness.

May not be of interest to you, but as a CPL(H) holder you could do a CPL (A) conversion, MECIR (A) and then convert to a MECIR(H) for very similar money.
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Re: Instrument rating training

Postby Zimbo22 » Wed Aug 29 2018, 00:14

Give Flight Training Adelaide a call. They do MECIR courses on AS355 and I believe they are VET fee approved or very close to being approved.

Good school as well.

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