Cpl(A) books needed

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Cpl(A) books needed

Postby chopperaddict » Sun Sep 24 2017, 12:30

Hi slappers,

I am getting my cpl(A) soon and need some books


Flight rules and air law
Operations, performance and flight planning
Aircraft general knowledge

Any help on recent books would be great
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Re: Cpl(A) books needed

Postby havick » Sun Sep 24 2017, 13:05

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Re: Cpl(A) books needed

Postby ChicoCheco » Wed Sep 27 2017, 19:24


I still got the lot. Wasn't advertising past few months.
I had some bites for the IREX books but mostly people wanting one book etc making the lot less of value. I do have quoted posting prices with auspost, one book two books or boxed up. Have to find it but saved on email/paper/photo.

The air law is old but the changes addendum is available on Tait website. It is mostly studying the regs anyway. If you've done Heli air law, would be walk in the park.

Have a look.

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