Theory Questionnaire Bell Jet Ranger 206

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Theory Questionnaire Bell Jet Ranger 206

Postby Low_Level_Hell » Sat May 20 2017, 02:30

Just wondering if anyone has a theory questionnaire
for a Bell Jet Ranger 206 type rating

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Re: Theory Questionnaire Bell Jet Ranger 206

Postby Low_Level_Hell » Mon May 22 2017, 07:12

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Re: Theory Questionnaire Bell Jet Ranger 206

Postby aaron » Mon May 22 2017, 10:52

Hey mate.
I don't have a copy that's not scibbeled on from when I done mine.
Hope it helps

But the questions I had are;

Main rotor diameter
Aircraft length
Main rotor head type
Engine type and name

TOT (turbine outlet temp) max continuous
TOT 5 minute limit
TOT 10 second limit on start up
TOT 1 second limit during start up
5 minute torque limit
Max continuous torque limit
Unintentional transient torque limit
Max engine power output
Max takeoff power---- if different from max power output from engine why?
What type of compressors are used in this engine

Fuel system;
Fuel type
What is the name of the manufacturer of the fuel control unit
Can this type be modulated during the start
How to carry out fuel drain procedures
How to carry out fuel filter drain
Fuel capacity
Fuel flow/hour
How many fuel pumps?

Oil system;
Oil tank location
oil tank capacity
Oil type used

Electrical system;
Location of battery
Battery voltage
Generator voltage
What does the starter/generator do
Where does the external power plug into
When starting from external power unit, is battery on or off
After reaching self sustaining speed, how long before turning generator on
In event of the generator failing, the flight manual states to reduce altitude below 6000', why?

Airspeed Limitations;
Vne in autorotation
Vne with front door/s removed
Vne with rear door/s removed
The limitation is due too

Weight and Balance;
Empty weight
Max take off weight internal
Max take off weight external
With 5 people on board, each weighing 85kg, max cargo weight in the rear baggage compartment, what is the maximum fuel load you can take off with

What conditions for the use of anti-icing
What does the 'battery hot' warning light mean and what should you do
What type of tail rotor gearbox oil is used
What type of main rotor gearbox oil is used
Power off rotor RPM limitations are from to
Clogging of the hydraulic filter is indicated by
What is the maximum torque allowable whilst increasing the throttle from ground idle to flight idle

What is recovery action if a left roll starts following negative g
What manoeuvers must you avoidwhich may cause negative g
What must pilot do if inadvertant ELT activation

What is the duration of the maintenance release
What colour is the oil filer capon the main rotor transmission
What colour is the hydraulic oil
What type of grease is used

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