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Overseas CPLH conversion - Training Schools

Postby Lude » Tue Jan 24 2017, 02:03

Hi Guys,

I'm an FAA licensed CPL/Instructor moving back to Western Australia looking for some advice.

Having worked my way through the overseas conversion process online I think I have it all figured out pretty much, only thing now is to choose a flight school for the flying portion. CPL for sure, maybe Flight Instructor.

Ideally I would like to cover as much as possible without having to fly again and again getting all the endorsements required to be employable, low-level, sling etc. Do these endorsements have to be obtained after the CPL flight test, and is there any allowance for previous relevant experience with the endorsements?

Anyone have any experience with overseas FI ratings and are any allowances given towards the Aussie one?

I am open to any and all recommendations and suggestions that you guys might have as to where best to get the flying portion done. I am willing to go anywhere in Australia for the right training.


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