R44 flight review

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R44 flight review

Postby Jamie3_10 » Fri Nov 25 2016, 10:17

Hi all,
With the new rules if I fly an R44 as well as a AS350 do I then need to have a flight review for both aircraft or will it suffice to do it in the AS350 as they're both single engine helicopters?
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Re: R44 flight review

Postby hand in pants » Fri Nov 25 2016, 21:07

Do a 44 HFR and you're covered for both.
Do a 350 HFR and you're NOT covered for the 22/44.

dumb, but that's what the clowns have changed it to.
Hand in Pants, I'm thinking, my god, that IS huge!!!!!!!!
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Izzy Fullashat
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Re: R44 flight review

Postby Izzy Fullashat » Fri Nov 25 2016, 22:46

Hi Jamie3_10

Yep as HIP stated you need to do in 44 to still be able to fly 44. Just had same dilemma, when I contacted CASA they sent me the reg, if I could work out how to copy and paste on iPad I would.
When I'm on my laptop I will post it which clears your question up :roll: )c/

Cheers Izzy (not this time)
OHH!!! CRAP I still cant come up with a catchy saying!!!!!!!

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