Oh Dear Me

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Oh Dear Me

Postby ohdearme » Wed Sep 7 2011, 08:29

Yes, I stuffed up! On an earlier post I crossed my website & email addresses. (crossed controls, side slipping in my head?) Anyway, the correct address is http://www.phillatz.com. Need my C & T Capt to slap me on the wrist! Fortunately, not like they used to do to ab initio Indonesian pilots. Their instructor just poked a lit fag into the poor students collective arm when they got it wrong! Certainly get your attention, but? I was told this by the Indonesian Commercial Licenced guys who were sent to us in Sumatra to eventually take over our jobs on Bell 206's & 205's. They also said, while training, three of them sat in a Bell 206, rotated around, & each got 20 mins instruction on the controlls up front but all logged an hour! So it took quite some more co-pilot time before we let them go by themselves.
At a party in Singapore, when asked what I did for a living, I often said `I try to avoid being killed by Indonesians,' as anyone who has heli-rigged in 205's knows that you have to get the rotor droop just right, to not get below 95%, on virtually every take-off and landing, (with a siren in your ear & red lights flashing on the panel) in the tropics with a 4000 lb (1815 Kg)sling load. That is an approved procedure in the 205 & you don't overtemp or overtorque in the tropics. Sure keeps you awake though.
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Re: Oh Dear Me

Postby SuperF » Wed Sep 7 2011, 12:37

Obviously a very tongue in cheek comment, re driving that 205. Unless it had a -11 in it, which would make it very old, I didn't think any 205's came out with -11's thought they all started with -13's. :?

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