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Air Rescue

Posted: Tue Jan 2 2018, 09:16
by Evil Twin
Just sat watching Air Rescue and can't help but be frustrated at the lousy continuity. How hard is it to (for once) get the right sound with the right aircraft? Surely sound is recorded along with the video and someone? would listen to the finished product and say 'hang on the dauphine doesn't sound like that lads, you best have another go' Or perhaps not cut from a dauphine to a 412 for the same job? 5hit I'd actually work as a consultant to just make sure they got it right for once. It's not that hard is it really?

Re: Air Rescue

Posted: Tue Jan 2 2018, 10:01
by stick_monkey
Yep! Totally agree. It’s rare to hear anything buy a Huey noise in both movies and on tv - poor form

Re: Air Rescue

Posted: Tue Jan 2 2018, 10:13
by Twistgrip
As frustrating as it is along with Hollywood movies, it’s made for the masses and they wouldn’t have a clue in any case.

Re: Air Rescue

Posted: Tue Jan 2 2018, 11:06
by Helicoil
Those guys have nothing on Hollywood.... pop;

Lets just ignore the laws of inertia and momentum, plus add a spluttering piston engine noise for the restart

Sure, helicopters can creep slowly forward with a significantly tilted rotor disc

Another turbine sounding like a spluttering piston aeroplane

Lets add the starter noise before the starter button gets pressed

I don't even know where to begin on this one

Re: Air Rescue

Posted: Fri Jan 5 2018, 21:47
by spcrewie
I was watching a scene on air rescue the other night where the crewie was hanging out the door conning the aircraft in for a winch. The audio from the crewie was surprisingly clear and when I looked closely, you could see the reflection of the sound guy in the crewies visor standing outside the machine with witches hats around them too.