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Re: Incapacitation

Postby arrrj » Sun Aug 21 2016, 22:50



I innocently posted on prune once about an accident that occurred very close to me (on the ground), in horrible weather. Some months later I received a detailed message from the investigators asking me to provide all information.

Not "under the radar" at all !

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Re: Incapacitation

Postby phugoyd » Tue Aug 23 2016, 00:19

Unfortunately at your next medical you will/should/might divulge your encounter and will/might get slapped with a "fly with or as a co-pilot" "fly with a safety pilot" I would assume. I have a 2mm Kidney stone that may pass sometime between now and whenever and I have the above restriction on my licence until a CT scan/scream while pissing proves it has gone. There are probably thousands of people flying with something that could cause incapacitation that they either know about and don't divulge, or are unaware of and may or may not present itself whilst airborne.

Fly safe and I hope it doesn't end up with an Air-crash investigation we can all learn from.

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Re: Incapacitation

Postby Birdy » Tue Aug 23 2016, 05:00

Thanx mate, i appreciate the helpful reply.

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