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Gourmet Dinner.

Posted: Wed Sep 20 2006, 05:45
by rex bivouac
Rex's Gourmet Dinner/Breakfast/Hangover Cure.

1 x Filet steak .
2x Venison snarlers.
2x eggs.
2x Hash browns.
1x Can of baked beans.
2x pieces of toast.
1-4x quart bottle of Tui or Castlepoint if on a budget.

Step 1-Cook ingredients and pile on to large plate.

Step-2 Enjoy.

Step3- Wash down with amber fluid.

Posted: Fri Sep 22 2006, 04:54
by hand in pants
half a slab of Tooheys with another half a slab to wash it down.

Step 1: drink the fisrt half

Step 2: drink the second half

Step 3: if you haven't already, chuck a number of times..................

Posted: Fri Sep 22 2006, 07:02
by rex bivouac
hand in pants,

Top stuff!

Sausage in every can ! :lol: :lol: