Air Show 2015

A bunch of pics as supplied by members. You cant upload here but you can upload to the gallery linked above.
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Air Show 2015

Postby Ag-Fire » Fri Feb 27 2015, 01:47

Just wondering if anyone has some photos or interesting stories to share from the Avalon Airshow (for those of us that couldn't attend) pop;

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Re: Air Show 2015

Postby stick_monkey » Fri Feb 27 2015, 05:02

I heard that the pyro guy set his simulated bomb explosion off too early and fragged a super hornet!
(not verified information)

Great show so far. The C-17 is showing everyone up.

A lot of civie helicopters coming and going which is good to see
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Re: Air Show 2015

Postby skywire » Sun Mar 1 2015, 10:38

There were more scenic and charter choppers in the air than performing aircraft.
A nice show to go and watch. Can't talk for the business side of it as I wasn't there for that reason, however there seemed to be a fair few manafacturers there pitching their types, both fixed and rotary.
The ADF put on a pretty exciting spectacle. Almost all a/c types, parachutists, Bushmasters, smoke/pyro etc. Yanks also out in force as usual.
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Re: Air Show 2015

Postby Heli » Sun Mar 1 2015, 10:42

Lunch was good in the chalet, but the noise outside was a bit disturbing.

The H300 display was excellent, but possibly wasted on most of the great unwashed 8)

The Meteor, Sabre and Super Hornet formation display was another gem, I could listen to the Meteor blue note time and again; nearly as good as the sound of a Merlin engine, regardless of airframe :)
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Re: Air Show 2015

Postby ROTOR WORK » Mon Mar 2 2015, 07:58

There was a lot to see Heli wise,
Spent 2 days enjoying the sights & sounds,

A was hoping to see the Guimbal Cabri G2 but it was no where to be seen?

The Volunteers & Organisers did a great job
Regards R W

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