African Bush Flying

A bunch of pics as supplied by members. You cant upload here but you can upload to the gallery linked above.
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African Bush Flying

Postby mark90 » Thu Jun 7 2018, 02:57

Hey guys,

Thought I would show some of my recent experience flying in South Africa with a few game capture companies.
Learnt a lot from these pilots and figured some of the musterers here would like to see what the South African equivalent is like.

Could only upload these two. Getting an error with the others about the pixel size and/or the file size. Ill keep trying if there's interest though (c:_ol
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Re: African Bush Flying

Postby Lucky_01 » Thu Jun 7 2018, 07:49

Looks awesome mate.
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Re: African Bush Flying

Postby RotorTQ » Tue Jun 12 2018, 22:24

Good stuff man.
Would love to get involved in some African wildlife conservation work...
Had some sniffs (leads), but they've all evaporated to nothing.
Any tips/contacts would be greatly appreciated.


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