South African CPL(H) to Aus CPL(H)

Looking for some info on converting to or from an Aussie Flight Crew License?
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South African CPL(H) to Aus CPL(H)

Postby BAC heli » Thu Feb 26 2015, 23:21

hi there, now this is the second time im typing this so I hope I remember what I wrote... :?

I've just very recently got my South African CPL(H) and am back in Aus to convert the licence. Im aware I need to do 2 exams, Human Factors and Air law. Is there a place to hire or get a hold of the books cheap and is there a place to do practice exams? Writing the exams as well... I was told it was handled by ALS or something...
one more question :oops: how long on average does one study for an exam before writing? just trying to gauge difficulty, etc
Fortunately I have an ARN and have held an ASIC and medical certificate previously here, making my life a little easier.

Another thing... Private Instrument rating...I am IF rated in SA and am aware I don't qualify for the Command rating here, but im sure I can apply for the Private equivalent. Is there a test involved or do I just have to show experience?

Im sure I can find this information from CASA but I haven't had the greatest experience with aviation authorities... you can only imagine the SA CAA...

Any other tips that will make this process a little easier will be greatly appreciated!

Cheers - BAC

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