Special Pilot Licence - Part 61

Looking for some info on converting to or from an Aussie Flight Crew License?
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Special Pilot Licence - Part 61

Postby Vmax8 » Thu Jun 13 2013, 08:17

Does anyone know what will happen to existing Special Pilot Licences? Will they be revoked or CASA just will not issue new ones and the existing Special Pilot Licences are still valid in future?
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Re: Special Pilot Licence - Part 61

Postby CYHeli » Mon Aug 19 2013, 07:41

Vmax8, from the 511 mega doc that forms the new Part 61, 141, etc,
Firstly definitions; is this you?
old authorisation:
(a) means a civil aviation authorisation to carry out an activity essential to, or associated with, the operation of an aircraft in flight (a flight activity) issued under either of the following before 4 December 2013:
(i) Part 5 of CAR;
(ii) a Part 5 CAO; and
(b) includes the following:
(i) an appointment as an approved person under a Part 5 CAO for a flight activity;
(ii) an approval or certification, including a certification in a personal log book, under CAR or a Part 5 CAO to carry out a flight activity;
(iii) a delegation under CAR to give a permission (however described) to conduct a flight activity.

if yes, then
Division 202.CB.2 Continued authorisations
202.263 Continuation of old authorisations
(1) Despite the amendments, an old authorisation that was in force immediately before 4 December 2013 is continued in force on and after 4 December 2013 according to its terms.
(2) Part 61 applies to the continued authorisation as if it were the equivalent new authorisation.
(3) The continued authorisation ceases to be in force at its cessation time.
(4) Subregulation (3) applies despite Parts 11 and 61.

and finally,
202.271 Expiry of Division 202.CB.2 at end of 3 December 2017
This Division expires at the end of 3 December 2017 as if it had been repealed by another regulation.

What you do in your circumstances after Dec 2017, I'm not sure but you will probably transition to a new Part 61 licence.

For anyone with a sticky strip or stamp in their logbooks for having received the initial 5 hours low level training, the above covers your situation. During the course of the next three years, you would apply to CASA to have that re-issued as an actual rating under Part 61. I have received an email that tells me that for these transition applications it will be free of charge.
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Re: Special Pilot Licence - Part 61

Postby ChicoCheco » Sun Sep 22 2013, 03:34

The whole 'low level' endorsement for helicopter flying is silly. Only in Australia. But hey, you get something for free from CASA, maybe except the ARN number.

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