Euro Licence?

Looking for some info on converting to or from an Aussie Flight Crew License?
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Euro Licence?

Postby theyeti » Mon Oct 8 2012, 22:10

Good morning slappers.
Just after some basic info on converting an Aussie CPL to European.
Had a man's look in the archive/search etc but would like a BASIC idea of whats involved. Is one licence good for all of the EU? They seem to have differing minimums amongst themselves just looking at the link someone posted to the guy looking to go to Italy.
Have around 2000 hours, mainly mountain stuff. Mixture of piston/turbine. No IFR or noteworthy instrument time. Looks like they require 10 hours instrument?
What are the chances of finding work for a rural minded rotorhead even just doing scenics or something over there?
NB: I am not fishing for work as I have am very happy at work here, just thinking ahead......
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Re: Euro Licence?

Postby airportmotel » Tue Oct 9 2012, 00:52

First of all, you will need to pass the theory exams for the new EASA licence , you have 2 choices...

For the CPL there is 13 theory exams now or you could go straight to ATPL for 14..(this would be theory credits only).. the best and only place is , i am doing mine there at the moment.

You will need to go to an approved theory provider and be signed off to allow to sit the exams, not like CASA, were anyone can go and sit the exams when they like....

Then pass a flight test for the issue of the EASA CPL (H), you will need around about 10 hours of flying to meet " The Standard ", if you have no instrument time, then 10 hours will be needed, dont forget factor a night VFR in there as well.

The medical is pretty straight forward.

Next....There are jobs around but the pay is not great, you will be competing with pilots from all over Europe...., UK is not looking to good at the moment , although some jobs have popped up recently, powerline, utility work.

France / Spain...language is a small issue there and jobs are there but in very small work, utiliity work.
Swissland ..... you will need an approved mountain course and supervision, to get signed off...

There has been a increase in jobs for Bristow and CHC recently, but again an multi engine instrument rating is required.....round about 50K UK pounds, you can shop around and try and get it cheaper....but you get what you pay for....

My view start doing your theory now distance learning....

Forgot to add, once you have a EASA licence, then technically you can work anywere in Europe, but .......if you move from one Euro country to another , you may need to exchange it from one to another only one EASA is allowed to be had at one time........
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Re: Euro Licence?

Postby Dauphin » Tue Oct 9 2012, 04:41

Great post - very helpful and accurate (as far as I know). I looked into this a while back when I was offered a job in Europe which required me to hold either an FAA or JAA ATPL. The FAA licence only required 1 exam and an instrument check ride, so obviously that's the one I obtained.
Be aware that you need to have the right to work in Europe or sponsorship. Just getting the licence doesn't entitle you to work there.
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Re: Euro Licence?

Postby spil » Tue Oct 9 2012, 09:13

In the EASA land, things are a little bit more complicated :x

As mentioned above, get your ATPL theory at captonline or But for an "full" ATPL you need an IR (3 years after passing the theory part), which must be flown in a turbine (expensive). I know some guys doing that at bondaviationgroup in a EC135.

ATPL information ... geid=13862


Find a flight school you like in the EU and get your EASA CPL there. Or go to Florida (Bristow) and get a EASA Lic. in the US.

You will find a lot of information regarding CPL and ATPL and mandatory requirements on the webpage of the UK CAA

Another problem is, every country in the EU is part of EASA, but also has it´s own aviation authority and they make additional laws, with special rules. This whole EU EASA thing seems to make it easier than before, but it´s still a big inhomogenious structure, with a lot of differences between the member states. A UK Lic. looks different than an Italian Lic. but you are allowed to fly with any EASA Lic. in any EASA member state, which is all over the EU.
And as Dauphin mentioned you need a working permisson to work in the EU. Don´t have any information how easy it´s to get one.
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Re: Euro Licence?

Postby Flyting » Tue Oct 9 2012, 17:50

In the EASA land, things are a little bit more complicated
..... a bit more §$%&/( up is what he means....
It is a money making racket. Pay a s#!t load for a home study course.... 70 Pounds per exam X 14 there and accomodation... IF rating for ATPL - must be on a twin, and you must have a twin rating (10hrs) first...!!!
Unless you have an ICAO ATPL with the hrs and the IFR and twin hrs.... you start at position 1 like a new CPL.

So, having just done it all, my advise is don't. Stay away from EASA, unless you have to do it because you are emigrating there (like me) or unless you have a secure job position that will last a while to pay off the debt. Rather go the FAA route.

If you still want to do it, CAPT is the only helicopter recognosed course and the UK is the only place you can write helicopter specific exams...!!! Which brings along the next fun point... UK CAA Examinations depart is lost somewhere in the medieval times and are so slow at everything. When I wrote last year they were still doing it on paper, which you had to book 2 weeks in advance.... then the results would only be out 3 weeks later which meant that you would have to wait for the following months sitting, as you couldn't book a resit without results.

The joke about the EASA system is you do the course (apparently study) and go online and go through about 12000 questions from the database until you know them all.... kind of like the FAA system just 5000% more expensive and anal )c/

Read through this as well which covers a ton http://www.the dark ... erged.html
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Re: Euro Licence?

Postby theyeti » Fri Nov 16 2012, 18:57

I don't get on this thing much so while I'm here I thought I'd just thank all the above for the helpfull info.
No flying today, it's raining.

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