Picking the wind in flight

Looking for some info on converting to or from an Aussie Flight Crew License?
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Re: Picking the wind in flight

Postby Vortex Ring Piece » Thu May 1 2008, 14:53

Great thread. We all like to think we know where the wind is coming from (particularly when it's light or VAR) but if we really put our hands up, it's not all that straight fwd.
I like NZhelo's response. The idea of holding a constant angle of bank.
The consept basically relates to noting the downwind dift experienced, if any, while trying to maintain a CRT.
I like Mike Becker's way of looking at the situation, in terms of a Power vs G/S relationship.
Similarly though, I've always looked for the warning signs of 1.) G/S vs IAS and/or 2.) Power vs ROD.
It's the 2nd relationship that, as MB's theory suggests, need not happen. There is a prelim to the inevitable if we don't heed the warning signs.
ie: BEFORE, you START hauling up on the collective to slow both your G/S and ROD (Power v ROD) note the fact you're still lowering the lever to slow yourself down! It's that moment before that's critical.
As another noted, if she don't feel right, chances are is isn't.
Given the fact we very much fly by the seat of our pants, other signs I look for - apart from the above indicators and power checks would be (and not ltd to):
a. the feedback through the pedals. Are they becoming mushy and/or twitchy?
b. the "woolies" or string slip indicator. As ETL is lost the woolies will start to flicker and ultimately show up any xwind whilst holding a constant heading towards HLZ. Of course not all helicopters have such a cheap yet effective wind-sock built in.
c. And probably the most basic yet possibly most ignored (I say this from experience...) if your butt cheeks are telling you something, then listen!
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Re: Picking the wind in flight

Postby bol-kowboy » Thu May 1 2008, 15:36

Look for the grazing sheep they point into wind when feeding, failing that spot old mate going for a p#ss his back will be into wind...............
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Re: Picking the wind in flight

Postby helifella » Wed Oct 10 2012, 05:21

NZHelo wrote:grass and trees are not a good idea as they sway
if in an environment where there isnt the obvious (wind sock, smoke etc) try a constant angle of bank turn, have a starting point and carry out a 360 degree turn at constant power, speed, and most importantly angle of bank....the drift from your start point will tell you of wind direction........fail proof if constant angle is held

I agree that trees can sometimes be difficult but long grass I find good; you get a similar effect to the wind lanes on water.

Totally agree with NZHelo that maintaining constant height/speed/angle (I like 60kt/30degrees AOB) through 360 degrees (i.e: Constant RATE Turn) will work.

Vortex Ring Piece - I know you meant a Constant Rate Turn, but the CRT acronym could also mean Constant Radius Turn.

When I learnt to fly, I was taught to determine the wind direction using a Constant Radius Turn, but once I learned how much easier the Constant Rate turn was to execute, that is the way I've done it since.

The Constant Rate Turn is a common technique they teach in Canada for when there are no external wind indicators; when you are in the boonies up North everything can be frozen solid and doesn't move!
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Re: Picking the wind in flight

Postby Flyting » Wed Oct 10 2012, 17:08

grazing sheep point into wind when feeding

and cattle with their butts into wind...
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Re: Picking the wind in flight

Postby chutedragger » Thu Oct 11 2012, 03:36

Horses, stand with their bum to the wind! No s#!t!!
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Re: Picking the wind in flight

Postby Hello Pilots » Thu Oct 11 2012, 17:37

Train wreck wrote "Don't forget the trusty old windmill" the windmill is not so trusty if it has rusted in a set place.

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