CAANZ CPL to FAA CPL conversion

Looking for some info on converting to or from an Aussie Flight Crew License?
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CAANZ CPL to FAA CPL conversion

Postby mattdeaker » Mon May 7 2018, 05:08

anyone done a NZ CPL to US CPL? easiest way?
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Re: CAANZ CPL to FAA CPL conversion

Postby ChicoCheco » Mon May 7 2018, 11:19

Handful of Aussies, incl McDermott guys I met in Oregon some years back plus last year, did their quickie checkride prep, written with Jerry Trimble Helicopters.

I have done plenty flying there. Family run. Some mentioned here on BS one Florida based company (Cloud 9) I don't have first hand experience with, or more expensive Hawaii based school.

Fact is, JTH help with organising stuff on budget and deadlines. NW US weather isn't that good late autum and rubbish North winter, but not as limiting for heli VFR stuff, but wx delay may become issue. Coming months just fine. Various student housing, cycle or get cheap daily car add on to housing if available or share it.

I may get nice thank you email for the mention. I'd rather be in Oregon soon again, last year I flew some planks stuff after nearly 4 years away. With the airplane, sims and R22 and 44 for FAA IFR training/conversion, it is quite flexible.

Paperwork wise for VFR CPL, google e-cfr 61.129 for regs. FAA XC for heli CPL is 25nm straight line distance from origin pt of dep, with landing. Also checkride/flight test and holding PPL and further/advanced training is "manipulating controls PIC time" as per US. So also the 'training where performing duties of PIC' that's got the night VFR bits.

Normally you would get verification of foreign licence, per 14 CFR 61.75, info and forms on FAA website. Best ahead. FAA side is free. Once done, visit in person to nominated FSDO, near KMMV it would be Hillsboro Portland FSDO, FAA branch office. Gets you PPL privileges after flight review, act as PIC for flight test/rental without solo endorsements etc. Examiners normally don't act as PIC in US. Either way, you'd need private licence (or higher, in FAA system) for commercial issue.

After flight test one can keep validation ticket, although validity is based on foreign licence. Upside, FAA medical - obviously needed for standalone FAA licence, foreign is OK for validation. It may get handy in theory in future, operating some types. Complicated to explain.

Last year met some high time Aussies (opps, at least one Kiwi) in Oregon, who needed FAA tickets for PNG N-reg ops and the other for some N-reg utility/fire ops in Canada.

So yeah, JTH (Jerry Alison and staff) in McMinnville OR have become global intersection past years.
Jamie Livingstone now flies some utility somewhere I think, but he sent/recommended JtH fellow Australian pilots. So don't take just my word for it. I am outsider both in Australia and US, although stayed in both for some years.

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