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Renewing CASA license from afar

Posted: Thu Jun 30 2016, 20:11
by Lurch
I'm currently in Ireland, doing the odd bit of personal flying under the "Recreational Pilot License Endorsement" section of my CASA CPL(H) (with the approval of the Irish Aviation Authority).
My license falls due for renewal in May next year, but I don't know when I'll be anywhere near Australia to renew.

What is usually involved in the CPL renewal process? Is it a possibility to do it from afar?

Thanks a lot.

Re: Renewing CASA license from afar

Posted: Thu Jun 30 2016, 22:08
by Helicoil
The licence doesn't expire, only the medical, so on your return you will simply need to undertake an HFR with a G1 or G2 instructor at a flight school and renew your medical through a DAME. If you are not planning to exercise the privileges of the licence while you are away, probably best just to get it done on your return. It is possible to renew the medical in some countries, however I am not aware of any way of doing the HFR abroad. Hope this helps

Re: Renewing CASA license from afar

Posted: Thu Jun 30 2016, 22:51
by Master Cylinder
There are places in europe where you can get your medical done...type it into your search engine "where can I get my australian CASA medical renewed in europe" and you'll probably get some hits. I did mine in England a few years ago so it can be done.

If you are coming due for a check on your CASA license (ie. a flight review or some other check) you might need to come back to Aus to complete it. I'm assuming that you need to keep everything on the license current if you want to keep flying in Ireland. Again, have a good look at the CASA website to see if there's anything about getting checks done overseas...if all else fails, write an email to CASA asking for advice on testing officers overseas. Don't wait til the last minute as this may take some time.

Good luck.


Re: Renewing CASA license from afar

Posted: Mon Jul 4 2016, 14:54
by Lurch
Thanks folks, I'll need to look in to it a bit more.

Helicoil wrote:The licence doesn't expire, only the medical

I'm a bit confused by this. My license has a very clear expiration date. It's not the same duration as my medical either - it was a date 2 years from the date of my test flight.

Re: Renewing CASA license from afar

Posted: Tue Jul 5 2016, 09:19
by chopperdavo
What MC is referring to is your licence is a lifetime licence. I've it doesn't expire.

There are however a number of things you need to have current in order to exercise the privileges of the licence.
Those things include having a current medical, as well having a current flight review (new speak for HFR) the later of which needs to be conducted every 24mths.

The flight review can be conducted next back in Aus with a grade 1 or 2 flight instructor.

Hope that clarifys a couple of things.