NZ CPL(H) to CASA CPL(H) Type Ratings?

Looking for some info on converting to or from an Aussie Flight Crew License?
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NZ CPL(H) to CASA CPL(H) Type Ratings?

Postby johnheli » Tue Aug 4 2015, 07:46


I have recently converted my NZ CPL (H) to Australia CPL (H). I have H296, Bell 206, Bell 47 and R44 type ratings, but these are not on my Australian Licence.
I am told that I must do a BFR in Australia to Validate these type ratings. Is this true or what do I need to do to get these on my Australian CPL.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: NZ CPL(H) to CASA CPL(H) Type Ratings?

Postby bl@ckers » Tue Aug 4 2015, 08:14

It has been a while since I have been through the regs, but my understanding is those endorsements you have are not type ratings, but fall under the single engine helicopter class, so if your license has SEH Class listed with proficiency on each of those aircraft you are covered.

I'm not sure what the current regime is with respect to a BFR, but I am lead to believe if you do a BFR in either an R22 or R44, you are covered for all other aircraft in the SEH class that you have been assessed as proficient.

I am sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong
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Re: NZ CPL(H) to CASA CPL(H) Type Ratings?

Postby bangequalsbad » Tue Aug 4 2015, 12:31

Don't be surprised if you are short a "low level" rating as well. The NZ CPL covers low level flight and providing you have "Sling" on your license then you technically have your low level too.

As negative as it sounds...what ever you do...DON"T ASK CASA ABOUT IT. Steam on in a fuzzy haze of positivity that everything will have transferred without any drama, because the alternative is to call CLARC and get 5 different answers from 5 different people, which will make you sad in the brain.

Common sense (but perhaps not regulation) would say that as long as your NZ BFR (called a HFR in AUS now) is're grand. Once the anniversary is reached...jump through the SEH Class HFR of Aus.

Clear as mud?


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