Toll 139 Facilities YSBK

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Re: Toll 139 Facilities YSBK

Postby Mitch82 » Thu Apr 27 2017, 11:51

So by my understanding gonski, you are stating that Toll is going under and UAV's are going to take over the entire industry. Please feel free to correct me.

I won't comment on the Toll aspects as I have no knowledge on it.
But can I politely point out to you that even a UAV has a "pilot" in control of it. As soon as an aircraft is required to carry passengers or medics/doctors/ems staff that aircraft must now be large enough to carry a person or persons. The UAV aspect will still require a "pilot" to control the aircraft. The most modern aircraft are arguably already UAV's with the "pilot" controlling the aircraft from the pilot seat.
Why would we not continue this? Yes small UAV's will start to become the major player in surveillance and search work, but passenger carrying I still see it as a pilot sitting in the aircraft.

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