Chopper crashes at wedding

What have you heard?
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Chopper crashes at wedding

Postby ScoobaLimaLima » Tue May 8 2018, 10:27 ... 14915.html

What an entrance! Gotta watch those propellers! :roll:

Glad everyone walked away!

Ala rotante
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Re: Chopper crashes at wedding

Postby Ala rotante » Thu May 10 2018, 23:34

Did it hit a cable with the tale rotor?
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Re: Chopper crashes at wedding

Postby Bedouin Prince » Fri May 11 2018, 07:31

Ala rotante wrote:Did it hit a cable with the tale rotor?

According to the article it hit a "castle with the propeller". Considering the wedding went on, apparently a far less serious situation.
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Re: Chopper crashes at wedding

Postby ChicoCheco » Fri May 11 2018, 11:39

Unique wedding anyway.
Thankfully the Bulli Tops one didn't repeat.

Try calling off wedding and pay all family money savings etc for expensive function etc.
Nobody hurt? Let's just resume with 44 bonfire in background.

Over year earlier another Brazil based 44 wedding SCUD&IMC run ended with 4 fatalities (+6mth unborn baby) I just had look at the other heli forum thread.

Fact is, mistakes pile up on 44s in Brazil a lot past years. From newbie or hot dogging it mistakes to also human factors. Getting away with poor viz/sub VFR conditions until they don't. Just like the bragging Mr Farikh, taking some lives with him.

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