Drone near miss

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Re: Drone near miss

Postby Twistgrip » Sat Dec 30 2017, 10:59

Unfortunately ET as you know, this is a lucky case where the muppets serial number from his motor drive had found itself in the Hawks cowlings by pure chance.

As Pants and a few others have stated the drone movement is way beyond Ca$a to regulate, it reached plague levels before Ca$a even started to contemplate to regulate the numptys ...it’s too late.

Yes I think the tech has its place like localised regulated use such as beach patrols for sharks, that’s when of course they don’t crash into the waves beyond. Can’t beat a R44 for that purpose.

Offshore they are using them for flare tip and platform inspections, and we’ve had these professional guys contact Airservices and issue a Notam so that’s been a welcome sight flight planning to the rigs on those occasions.

There are responsible guys that operate these things but 90% of the drone population has no concept or regards for aviation rules in general.
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Re: Drone near miss

Postby aimeusdietger » Sun Oct 28 2018, 12:28

FerrariFlyer wrote:Sadly, CASA have let the proverbial horse bolt and put the whole drone/UAV/RPA issue into the too hard basket because of the sheer numbers involved. They have to do much, much more...and fast!

Licenced drone operators (myself included) operate to reasonably high standards and pose little, if any risk to manned aircraft. On the other hand, members of the public continue to purchase drones in record numbers and ignorantly operate them with no regard for safety and/or manned aircraft. I have this week alone heard of 3 incidents with fellow professional pilots who have had close calls including one where a B105 had to take evasive action at nearly 2000ft near Perth recently.

Many of us hope it is not the case however it won't be until a RPT plane from the likes of Qantas or Virgin suffers from some serious or catastrophic collision with a drone that CASA will finally be forced to act. As an industry we should be quite worried about unfettered and unlicenced drone usage. Quite!

We live in a world where owning drones is no longer a big deal, there are so any short cut means to get an unlicensed drone in the air ..do your thing and the authorities do not do a follow up on you. its a risky business given that it takes quite a bit of skill and time to have the capacity to navigate any kind of aircraft..soon enough drones will start falling from the sky.

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