Passing CASA Eye Exam

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Passing CASA Eye Exam

Postby crimbles82 » Wed Jun 3 2015, 07:05


I have been fantasising about acquiring my CPL(H) for the last 4 years.
An issue that keeps running through my head is taking the CASA Ophthalmology eye exam and failing it.
I recently did a test with my optometrist and I scored a 6/8.5 corrected vision with glasses.

Does anyone know the eye sight requirements to pass the exam?

I am afraid that if I fail, I will have to wait longer or worse case scenario, through my dream out the window :(

Apologies if this question has already been asked. I am a noob in the forum and writing this sneaky thread during work hours.
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Re: Passing CASA Eye Exam

Postby low-g » Fri Jun 5 2015, 06:34

6/9 both or better
get away with a 6/9 -3 if its only one eye.
its at the discretion of the casa medical officer at the end of the day. I have had variations along the way and never had issues or refusals.
But i guess the first one is always the toughest.
eye test isn't with casa, why be nervous about it.
Casa just get the results and you will know if its good or bad before they do.

just go and do it. what have you got to lose ;)
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Re: Passing CASA Eye Exam

Postby SpecialGray » Fri Jun 5 2015, 08:05

As low-g said, go and get it done. I can't remember if I needed to get a normal opticians test as well, or it if the tests for the class one medical were enough. Either way, get the medical booked asap and see how that goes.

The Dr will tell you if you need other tests, but you'll need an audiologist appointment too. If you can pass all those, then medically at least you're good to go.

If you don't... well there may be things you can do, but better to find out now than a few months down the road when you get to your first solo (you need class one medical now I believe, you used to only need class 2) and for your license of course.
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