Do I need ATPL?

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Do I need ATPL?

Postby yoobeedo » Sat May 10 2014, 00:48

After September 1, to fly Day VFR single pilot charter, under Part 133 in a BK117.
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Re: Do I need ATPL?

Postby CYHeli » Sat May 10 2014, 01:57

Looking at Part 61,
61.570 Privileges of commercial pilot licences
Subject to Subpart 61.E and regulation 61.575, the holder of a commercial pilot licence is authorised:
(a) to pilot, as pilot in command, any aircraft (includes a helicopter) in any operation, other than:
(i) a multi-crew aircraft in a charter or regular public transport operation; or
(ii) an aeroplane ..; or
(iii) a turbojet aeroplane ...; and
(b) to pilot, as co-pilot, any aircraft in any operation.

so if you can perform the operation (single pilot, day VFR) under these rules, then you don't need an ATPL or IFR.
ATPL rules are under 61.K, 61.665 and on.

I am about to delve into Part 133, 138, etc to get a better grip, but as licencing comes from Part 61, I believe that is where the answer is found.
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