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North Wall Helmet

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North Wall Helmet

Postby HeLiAGnz » Wed Aug 9 2017, 09:25

Hi Guys
Has any one put a set of bose A20s
In the Northwall helmet, just wondering how well they work and if they seal ok and the fit ment is straight forward, Thanks
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Re: North Wall Helmet

Postby mdav » Thu Aug 10 2017, 03:50

I have no idea if someone has achieved this but I have this helmet and I highly doubt you would be able to fit them, there is not much room in mine, but the following is taken from there website. Seems if your head is under 23.4" it's possible.

PNR (Standard Communications)
BOSE A20 without Bluetooth (fits maximum head size up to 23.4in)
BOSE A20 with Bluetooth (fits maximum head size up to 23.4in)

Sorry did not really answer your question.
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Re: North Wall Helmet

Postby rotors99 » Thu Aug 10 2017, 04:22

North Wall is an awesome helmet, probably the best! But the A20 doesn't work well in it. Doesn't seal around the ears properly. I know I suffered with mine for 2 years. then got Red Baron's home made ANR. Works a treat, seals well, good when Your hanging 3/4 of the way out the door, not quiet the Bose but darn close.. RBSLE & Bose are working on a new helmet specific ANR headset which is yet to be realised.
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Re: North Wall Helmet

Postby Ops normal » Sat Aug 12 2017, 04:49

Do you have details of expected release dates for the Bose specific helmet setup, or is it a pipe dream?
Was thinking of doing the Bose setup in my Northwall until you said it's no good doors off.

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