Covid 19 and scenic flights. Where next?

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Covid 19 and scenic flights. Where next?

Postby NWA194 » Tue May 12 2020, 02:35

We have a helicopter scenic flights business. We stopped operating at the beginning of March.
Restrictions are easing here in WA but what will that mean for the scenic flights business and how do you social distance in a helicopter?
To top it off I’ve just found out that insurance has just gone up by 30% !!! So much for insurance companies helping through these times. At this stage we’ve just reinsured for private, non commercial, use until we know when/if we can start flying again.
It’s a worrying time for helicopter operators as the clock is still ticking on the machines life but no hours are being flown.
I’d like to hear from others in a similar situation and find out what your strategies (if you have some) and what your thoughts are. Cheers.
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Re: Covid 19 and scenic flights. Where next?

Postby godfather007 » Wed May 13 2020, 02:57

Sorry to hear about your situation NWA.
Many people are in the same situation, machines parked up, Pilots stood down and Operators hurting.
The company I work for have also stopped charter flights but there is other parts of the business that are still going well thankfully.
It’s not my area, but I’m told after the Gov relax the essential business only rule, charter flights will go ahead again.
How to social distance? Not sure but I think your state health department will be the ones to seek advice from.
Then it’s also up to the general public to want to go flying and tourism will be a ways off yet.
I know some are getting flights done under essential travel and limited to family only and not shared flights.
Being in WA, I think there should be some opportunities for your blades to spin, you will just have to search the clients out and look into how you can muster up some flying work. Mines, remote area transport, photography, farmers, gold Gypsy’s, parts delivery’s...
I’ve always thought those who survive this crap will be ready to reap the rewards on the other side of it when the general public can get out and about again.
Tho I think we have a long road ahead of us yet.
Keep optimistic!
Best of luck!
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Re: Covid 19 and scenic flights. Where next?

Postby Evil Twin » Wed May 13 2020, 04:09

I think that this is where the government must get behind domestic tourism and get Australians out enjoying Australia. We live in such a diverse, beautiful and picturesque country that we could all benefit and need to spend our tourism dollars at home for a while. The tourism operators could do their bit by not gouging the prices for locals as they might for international travellers.

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