Fire fighting endorsment

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Fire fighting endorsment

Postby pushrod » Thu Jul 12 2018, 09:52

Hello All,

just wondering if anyone in Aus is capable of doing a firefighting endorsement in a R44 (or 22) as I cant really afford to do it all in a turbine off my own back. Also any general comment about getting into firefighting in general for a 1500 hour pilot.

Try to keep it as un-sarcastic and civil as possible =S
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Re: Fire fighting endorsment

Postby bl@ckers » Thu Jul 12 2018, 10:00

Highly recommend Bruce Colwell at Tasmania Helicopters.

Top bloke and one of the best pilots around for that type of work.

They operate squirrels, Jetrangers and a 44.
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Re: Fire fighting endorsment

Postby tinman » Thu Jul 12 2018, 10:19

I believe not a single state in Aus allows piston engined helicopters on fires, and as a result I highly doubt that anyone has a bucket small enough to suit the 44... Though a JetRanger size bucket could be cinched in to 70% to potentially fit the 44 lifting capability.

As far as I'm aware the MOS for the firefighting endorsement does not tell you if a turbine or piston helicopter has to be used, so it might be possible if you can find an operator...

Good luck, but you may have to invest in a FF endo in a 206.
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Eric Hunt
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Re: Fire fighting endorsment

Postby Eric Hunt » Thu Jul 12 2018, 18:40

You will need to do it in a machine capable of lifting a bucket of water.

An R44 couldn't pull a sailor off your sister.

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