Landing Anywhere ?

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Landing Anywhere ?

Postby MitchellW » Tue Aug 29 2017, 00:47

You can land your helicopter anywhere as long as you have permission from the land owner .

This isn't 100% correct is it ?

Do local councils have a say ? Even if you have enough room on a small acreage (3 acres) what restrictions would I encounter.
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Re: Landing Anywhere ?

Postby arrrj » Tue Aug 29 2017, 07:11

Hi Mitchell,

Your statement is sort of true.

You can land and take off from anywhere with pilots and landowners permission. Both are important. Pilots permission covers all the issues that CASA may have with the process - which might be plenty if a nimby complains.

Many councils in Australia have tried to prevent casual landings. Ones that come to mind are Gosford, Bega and Vic Great Lakes. The matter is very complex, as Mr K Packer found out when even with all his power and money, he was prevented from having a floating helipad in Pittwater (yes, that is a long story...). Each council is different, as is the interpretation of the law - local, state and federal.

One thing is for sure though. A casual landing and take off is completely different to leaving the machine there overnight. Many councils, and not even the aggressive ones, will take that action as meaning that you are running a helipad (private) or heliport (public) and you must have council permission to do that. You need to lodge a development application, spend a fortune on your submission (I have done this numerous times) and then hope that sanity prevails. A mate of mine was fined $30k for keeping a machine at a Sydney site without permission. And it was nowhere near any houses.

My view of the world (formed over 10 years of landing all over Australia) is to behave properly, seek permissions (when that IS possible to do so) and try not to piss anyone off. For that reason, I have never had a complaint.

As for running a helipad (which sounds like you want to do) get ready to spend $100k...and all the best !

In your case, call the local council, meet with planners and find out what they really think. Don't take the matter lightly.


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